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"Yes, sweetheart?"
"Can we go see Great Grandmother? I miss her and I know she wants to play with me."
"Honey, Great Grandmother isn't here anymore.She can't play with you today."
"Grandmother, if I wait until 2 tomorrow's will she play with me then?"
"No sweetheart, she can't. I know she misses you, and you miss her, but Great Grandmother can't play with you for a long time."
"But why Grandmother, I don't understand?"
"Come here and sit on my lap Great Grandmother wants me to tell you something"
"Tell me something? But she's not here! How can she tell me something?"
"But she is here, honey, right here... in your heart."
"In my heart? She lives in my heart Grandmother?"
"Yes, dear, in your heart, and in mine too. Great Grandmother lives in a very special place now. It's called Heaven. And guess what?"
"What Grandmother, tell me!!"
"Well, this special place people go when they die is called Heaven. And Heaven has a special window just for Great Grandmother. She is very happy there. She is not sick anymore and she doesn't have to stay in bed all the time."
"But why does she have a special window?"
"Well, sweetheart, Great Grandmother uses this window to watch over us."
"But, Grandmother, how will I know when she is at the window?"
"Oh, you will know. Every now and then you will "think" of her, just like today when you wanted her to play with you, that is when you know Great Grandmother is looking out of her window. So the next time you think about her, look up at Heaven and smile, for surely at that moment Great Grandmother is smiling down on you."
"Grandmother, will I ever see her again, and will she remember me?"
"Oh yes, she will never forget you, and some day, a long long time from now you will see her again."
"But, Grandmother, what if it rains? Does that mean Great Grandmother is crying?"
"No, honey, she won't ever cry again. Do you know why?"
"No, Grandmother, why?"
"Because there are no more tears in heaven."
Fran B. 1998 a.k.a ~~ Ayzha ~~

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