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My List of Pets

Barney and Moussey
2 very wacky canines
sniffing god knows what!
Big Cheese
which one is it? can you guess?
Dopey the dwarf
Jennie's pet
she used to be cute...just kidding!
my Aunt Gogi's doggie

Siblings, nieces, nephew.....

A Royal Pain, but amusing at times!
My sister-in-law, Joan
she should get a medal...
My oldest niece, Erika
dancing to Footloose
My middle niece, Amy
is her mouth going again? she loves to talk..
My nephew, Adam
the only boy......poor Adam!
My youngest niece, Meghan
she also is a dancer and loves to laugh

Kayla's Moments

Kayla's Communion
Her Mom, Donnie, godmother Cyndi and, of course, Kayla
Kayla, the ballerina
in her recital on stage
Kayla, the jazz dancer
in her costume for her recital
Donnie and Kayla
another communion picture
Grandma Aggie with Kayla
First and Fifth generation together


My oldest, Theresa
isn't she sweet?
The middle child...what's her name?
oh yeah.....Wendy (just kidding)
The baby......what a whiner!
Lil' Jennie "Ree"
The mother of this clan
Do I look stressed?
Nana, the kids grandmother
The Queen of the family....doesn't she look jolly?
Poppy, the kids grandfather
The King of this clan

Odds and Ends....mainly for Wendy's benefit (I like to tease her)

Guess who, Wendy?
you'll know.....
Linda, it's your turn....
what ever happened? remember?
Linda, not again?
is it really you?
Linda, I can't see you.....
come closer....
Wendy, is it your turn now?
must be......
Wendy, you'll never be a gardener
at least not this way....
are you having a bad day, Wendy?
you look it!
Please be quiet, Wendy!
don't worry, this page is just for family unless you irk me....teehee

Now before anyone gets on my back, I know that Sharon, Peter, and Cyndi are missing from the pictures. They will be added.....I had to upload 31 pictures, plus organize and put them on a page (I just need a little more time to search and upload). Also before the Coopers' have my head.....I don't have any pictures of their pets to place here, sorry! This page will grow with time, trust me! One last link before I go.....

In Memory