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December 9,1912-June 10,1998

My Grandma Aggie recently passed away and I will miss her terribly and this is my tribute to her. She was 85 years old when she died and part of our 5 generation family. I helped look after her the last few years of her life and I'm going to miss her feistiness and strongwill. I never realized how much I loved her til she was gone.

I will always remember her homemade pies[chocolate cream was my favorite but she also made the best lemon and apple], fudge and chili sauce [it was unbelievable]. She loved playing cards[especially rummy], fishing, cooking, John Wayne and Elvis Presley movies and visiting family members.

One of her favorite things was to collect "knick knacks" and displayed her endless collection of ceramics in her china closet. She never seemed to have enough and always welcomed new additions to her menagerie. She had a wonderful sense of humor and was always quick with a wisecrack. She enjoyed the "Golden Girls" television show and Dorothy's mother was her favorite character [it reminded me of her].Maybe she saw herself in that character.

Her speech was unique, she referred to the closet as the "clothes press",the sofa was a "davenport",the refrigerator was an "icebox", and the living room was the "parlor" and the color purple was "purmple". She hated new appliances like the microwave and remote control televisions and often needed help operating these things.

She remained independent up until a few months before her death, not wanting to bother anyone or put them out of their way. She was set in her ways and I think that was one of her finest qualities.

I loved my grandmother,not for what she had because she didn't have much but for her love and unselfishness. She gave me alot more than material things, she gave me her undying love. I will be forever grateful and thankful that she was my "Granny".

My Granny loved John Wayne. She always wished she would get a hand of cards like this. If only she had caught this fish, she would have been happy. Elvis was her second favorite.

Granny with her great-great granddaughter, Kayla (Fifth generation)

My Grandmother's Final Resting Place

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