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April Fool's Day Sites
Page of fun links
Rock 107
Bill Keeler in the Morning Radio
real cool
Dalmation cartoon
Honey,let me explain.....
EntrancE's Webtv Page
webtv related links and help
Fun Zone
more fun links
Garfield official Site
my favorite cartoon cat
How To Spot A Mad Cow
funny site
junglist's Webtv Homepage
webtv links, fun stuff, IRC
Let's Exercise
dancing frog
webtv site, great stuff
Nancee's Pet Humor
humor about cats and dogs
Prank Call Audio
prank call audio site
Automatic Complaint Letter
complaint letter generator
See The Web Through Your Own Goofy Glasses
unique site changer
Virtual Vacatin
Send someone on a virtual vacation
Adult Chef
adult humor site
Stupid Net Tricks
links to stupid sites
Death Clock
wanna know how long you'll live?
Love Calculator
are you two a perfect match?
Death Certificate
issued by Dr. Kevorkian....ha ha
Web FX
special effects generator
Lemonade Stand
find out how good of a businessperson you are