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heart STATS:

Real Name:
Barry Alan Pincus
pop singer
June 17,1946
Birth Place:
Brooklyn,New York
Contact Address:
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heart A Little Bit About Barry
Barry Manilow is and always will be a national treasure.His is a story of a poor Jewish boy growing up in the Brooklyn slums and making it big in the music industry.He's an inspiration to us all.In his young life,his grandparents, [Joe and Esther Manilow], were an influencing factor [we all thank them for this].For without Grandpa Joe encouraging his singing and Grandma Esther giving him an accordion, we might never have known Barry.His stepfather,Willie, gave Barry his first piano at his bar mitzvah which started Barry on a new path playing at social events. These factors helped launch his career.

His big break came in 1971 when Bette Midler wanted him to play for her. He became her producer/arranger.Then one night at Denver's Red Rocks Stadium, he played one of his all time favoite songs,"Could It Be Magic". It turned out to be just that-"Magic"! The crowd went wild [who could blame them] and the applause was endless. He received his first [but not last] standing ovation. I became a fan instantly. His voice made my heart melt.

His music has gotten me through some very tough times: 2 fires,a bad marriage,my rebellious self destructive teenager,no money,no food and the list grows....Thanks Barry for pulling me through! I never knew music could be such good medicine for an injured soul.

That's why I'm devoting this page to Barry Manilow, my hero.

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heart His Music.............

Some of his music inspires me and I'd like to share. I Write the Songs, Copacabana, and Even Now, One Voice, all are significant in my life and mean something special but my all time favorte is Mandy I think but then again it could be "24 Hours a Day", or even Ships. Make me stop or this page will never end. I guess I love all his music. I am a true Barry Manilow fan!


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